During the last year, I’ve been interested in socket programming. When I tried socket programming for the first time, I developed applications in Python using “socket” module, it was really easy to manage the functions. Nowadays, I’ve been trying to program sockets in C++ language because of the project requirements. I think that it is effective for cross platforms such as compiling and running the code on other electronic devices. I’m not sure about that, it doesn’t depend on any operational systems.

Actually, this project was started developing by my friend and she used WinSock library. Let’s look at the library details, it is supported by Microsoft. There is a curriculum that contains step by step development tutorials/notes.

The first step should be developing the server side, because it is vital and can be tested using Telnet. Code blocks should be tested step by step and developed. For example; open ports, allow connection requests, send and receive data, multi-connection algorithms using threads.

Here is our code, everyone can contribute it: GITHUB