Nowadays I’m busy with my homework, settling in university life in Beijing and studying some fundamentals to have a good base for communication technologies. Here, we really have nice courses, their contents, and homework are based on real technologies and focus on applications, not only theory or abstract things. Today I will talk on homework of “GNSS Receiver Principle and Design”.

The course has been completed/finished yet,  and we have a few homework that we need to complete before the deadline.  Even I’m so interested in the topic, coding and difficulties, it took a lot of time for me to analyze, understand and develop the code. And I have still a bit of missing information about Power Spectral Density part. Here is the homework:

First, you can read these resources to know the GPS L1 signal structure.

  1. ESA GNSS Data Processing Book (2.2.1 GPS Signals)
  2. A Software-Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver, Kai Borre (2. GPS Signals)
  3. Special Topics – GPS (8 of 100) C/A PRN Code Generation

And here it is my code. Please read file before using it…

GitHub Repo

See you next time…